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Cataract Technology

Pre-Operative Topography - Topographical Map of Your Eye

The corneal topography measures the various subtle shapes over a very large area of the cornea. It is important to understand health and shape of the cornea before surgery. Reducing your astigmatism is one way to ensure your personal best visual outcome. Our doctors test for astigmatism using corneal topography.

ORA (Optiwave Analysis)

A Revolutionary New Option to Optimize Your Best Vision During Cataract Surgery

ORA Cataract Technology

ORA provides an analysis of your eye during cataract surgery that is not possible with conventional measurements and instruments. The technology works by directing a beam of low intensity laser light into the eye during cataract surgery. The laser light reflects off the back of your eye, and sensors in the ORA device analyze the reflected wave of light exiting your eye. This real-time analysis measures all of the eye’s unique optical characteristics, allowing the surgeon to address mild to mderate astigmatism, and provides an accurate measurement of your eye’s focusing capabilities.

Ideal candidates are patients who want the most accurate results, patients who choose advanced technology implants like multifocal accommodative and toric implants, patients who desire more accurate astigmatism corrections, patients with prior RK or LASIK and in conjunction with Laser Cataract Surgery.


• ORA analysis is used to optimize any cataract procedure regardless of the lens that you and your surgeon select.

• Your surgeon will receive an ORA analysis that will guide the correction of your vision to help ensure optimal outcomes.

• If you have astigmatism, ORA may improve the accuracy of your correction and the placement of the toric lens to reduce the chance that you will need eyeglasses after cataract surgery.


Laser Cataract Surgery

The Most Advanced Technology Available for Removal of Cataracts

LenSx Laser TucsonTraditional cataract surgery is considered to be one of the most accurate and successful procedures performed in medicine today. Now, a technological breakthrough is available with laser assisted cataract surgery that is designed to improve precision and consistency during certain challenging and delicate steps of cataract surgery that are currently performed manually. With laser assisted cataract surgery, the doctors at Eye Associates of Tucson are able to customize your procedure to your eye’s unique characteristics and needs. Allowing for laser precision during critical steps of surgery may contribute to improved surgical outcomes. In addition to using the femtosecond laser to accomplish many of the surgical steps that were traditionally performed by hand, we use the best and latest innovations in cataract surgery, such as sutureless small incisions through the clear cornea and foldable intraocular lenses. The precise steps performed by the laser contributes to better lens positioning, less inflammation in the eye and more predictable visual results which are especially important with Premium IOLs.

YAG Laser

Following surgery for the removal of your cataract, a membrane behind the lens implant may become cloudy. This could occur aywhere from soon after surgery to years after the procedure. If this cloudiness develops and becomes bothersome to you, we may recommend treatment using the YAG laser. This laser emits a microscopic light that can quickly and easily help to improve your vision. The YAG laser is a procedure that takes less than five minutes to perform.