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Patient Information

Northwest Office:

Eastside Office:


To help ensure that your experience at Eye Associates of Tucson is pleasant, and goes as smoothly as possible, please take a moment to download and complete the required patient forms prior to your next visit.

Patient Registration Form

Patient Medical History Form

Items that you may want to prepare for your eye exam:

  • Remove eye makeup prior to your eye exam.
  • Be sure to bring your medical health and eye insurance information.
  • New patients are encouraged to print, and fill out medical forms.
  • Be prepared to discuss any health problems and/or allergies.
  • What are your previous eye diseases, surgery related to vision or previous eye injuries?
  • Family history of eye disease. (This is important for eye diseases like Glaucoma)
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs you are taking (This can be important in cases of cataract surgery)
  • List of sports/hobbies in which you participate (This may be important for those seeking LASIK eye surgery)
  • For new patients, bring all glasses and contact lenses, your current contact lens prescription or contact lens box or bottle, or previous eye care records including lens specifications.